Dental Braces in Chennai

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Dental braces, which can also be termed as orthodontic cases are devices which are used in orthodontia for the purpose of alignment, positioning, shaping and straightening of teeth and jaws. Braces used for orthodontia can either be cosmetic or structural. Dental braces are also used for widening the palate and the jaws along with shaping the teeth with the help of other orthodontic appliances. Application of dental braces helps in shaping and positioning of teeth through force and pressure that is created on the teeth. Traditionally there were four basic components that were used such as brackets, arch wires, bonding materials and ligature elastic which is known as the O ring in dental language. Dental Braces in Chennai provide a constant pressure on the teeth which moves the teeth and aligns them.

Dental Braces in Chennai

The treatment of dental braces is also known as bone re-modelling. The process of treatment includes loosening of tooth and growth of new bones to support the tooth in its new position. When the arch wires puts pressure on the teeth, the teeth’s move and position with the support of bones.

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