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Dental implants in ChennaiDentists with specialised training for the treatment of crooked teeth are commonly known as the orthodontist. Dental brace is the main appliance used by the orthodontist for straightening and positioning of crooked teeth. Orthodontia was the first discipline that was discovered in dentistry with the help of technology and research. A certain procedure is followed for orthodontia in which a metal wire is used normally made from stainless steel or any aesthetic ceramic material. This metal wire is used to create pressure on the teeth and make it move to set in desired position. The best orthodontist in Chennai diagnosis the problem readily and offers best treatment options.

For best orthodontic diagnosis and treatment an orthodontist has to follow certain treatment planning which includes:

Chennai is one of the most trusted destinations for orthodontia. Availability of high class technologically advanced equipment, highly educated orthodontist and methods of treatment invites dental patients to Chennai for perfect cure to dental problems. Chennai provides best orthodontist as special tests are conducted before allowing any personal to practice orthodontia.